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who we are

Mendy Frohlich, Owner and Executive Director, grew up in Louisville but moved around extensively gaining valuable experience running events in several places including New York City, Chicago, and Austin Texas.

In addition to providing excellent and detailed bar services for weddings and both corporate and intimate events, Mendy specializes in providing insured bar staff for large scale festival concessions. No event is too big or too small for Mendy!

We are the bar services division for Beha Catering, a family-owned third generation catering business in Louisville, KY. We cannot provide alcohol services for clients who are not Beha Catering clients, but can provide fully insured bartenders for any event. For full service catering and food menus please check out the Beha Catering website.

Cash-Bar Services

cherryredevents has a full catering liquor license. We can set up a full service cash bar at any venue in the Louisville area (where a bar does not exist already).

We have a large group of bartenders that we handpick tailored for each individual event. We can do both small and large scale events. Each bartender is covered with a 2 million liquor liability insurance, which is legally required at all event venues.

Our individual beer, wine, and cocktail prices vary according to which kind of bar you specify, and will be given to you after an initial conversation about your type of event. As a basic package, we offer several different types of bottled beer, wine, and both well and call liquors. This also includes all mixers (soft drinks and juices), cups, straws, ice, and cocktail garnishes. We can give you our specific brands that we use regularly, upon request.

There is a set up fee for all cash bars, but the price varies upon the type of event.

Any special beer, wine or liquor brand request can be accommodated, but will be charged separately from the regular menu.

*Please note that any outside liquor brought into the event by any of your guests, will void the liability insurance provided by cherryredevents.

Open Bar Services

This service is for people that are having an open bar for their guests (mainly used at weddings and private parties). This allows those on a limited budget to choose between different tiers of bar service.

Tier 1 - Basic Bartender

  Our services are fully covered under a 2 million dollar liquor liability insurance, which is required by all venues when serving alcoholic beverages.
  $225 fee per bartender for 4.5 hours, which includes our liability coverage.(We require 1 bartender per 100 people for good service)
  This tier just provides the bartender and you provide set-ups, soft drinks, and alcohol

Tier 2 - Deluxe Bartender

  In addition to the tier 1 bartending fee, we will provide, all set ups: ice, cups,soft drinks, juices, bar fruit, tablecloths, etc.
  We add $3 per person for this service, but price can vary according to the size of the event.
  This tier does not provide the alcohol, you are responsible for the order and delivery of your own alcohol.

Tier 3 - Super Bartender

  In addition to the tier 1 bartending fee, we will provide all that tier 2 includes, plus we will order and coordinate all your alcohol needs to and from the venue.
  This is priced according to what liquor, beer, or wine is to be purchased. There is no additional cost added to cost of liquor, beer, or wine, but there will be a 20% service fee.